School Tours

For over 30 years we have been educating students about what takes place on our family farm.  Children and teachers alike love field trips at Akron Acres! We provide an interactive guided tour with information about animals geared towards the specific age level of the students. Students will learn about a variety of farm animals including pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, horses and more. All students are encouraged to have a hands on experience by touching our animals. They will also ride a pony and have a hayride around our crop fields. 

Tours include the following:

  • Educational barn tour, poultry barn tour, pony ride and hayride
  • Indoor and heated picnic facilities available to eat lunch
  • Clean, flush toilet restrooms and running water for hand washing
  • Spring tour $12 per person available April through mid-June
  • Fall tour $14 per person available September through October    

During the spring field trip season, we focus the tour on the babies of the barn and the crops growing in the field.  Some of those babies include lambs, baby goats, calves and chicks.  We have newborn chicks hatching daily in the incubator.  The springtime also allows us the opportunity to show the students the tadpoles developing in our pond area.  

The fall tours focus on winter preparations at the farm.  We educate the students on how the animals adapt and prepare for the cold winter months and how the crops are harvested and stored to feed the animals all winter long. 

All farm tours and visits are by reservation only.   See our calendar for available dates.

Call or e-mail Laura for more information or reservations or fill out our online form below.